Heavy Duty Jacks, Breakers, Suspensions and Snubber repairs
  •  Pick up and delivery service available     
  •  Fully trained technicians with decades of experience
  •  Heavy duty Jack repair, factory trained technicians
  •  Specialty power units for testing major components  
  •  Rock breaker and boom extension repair 
  •  Front and rear suspension cylinder repair 
  •  Hydraulic air end compressor, wrench and Tool repair
  •  Precision auto power hone up to 30" bore cylinders
  • Specialty testing equipment for Jacks and Snubbers
  •  Machining, and line boring
  •  P&H SnubRite dipper Snubber repair and Testing

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 Heavy Duty Press for Jack and snubber testing 
CAT 793 rear suspension group repairto add text.
                 P&H SnubRite Snubber repair
   Allied Hydraulic Breakerere to add text.
CAT 793 front suspension group with brake repairAext.
    Drill rig Air end compressor repair